Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about the Facebook setting for privacy, so let's start, it is very easy, but you will not face any problem, but you should do as I am going to tell you.

 So first of all to open Facebook setting you first open your Facebook app, after that you will see three lines on the right, then scroll down, you will get the option of setting.
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Facebook setting
  • Pesnol information :- after clicking it you will get personal information in it.  You can set your name like email address, phone number, data usage, identity confirmation, manage account.
  • Translation for post:- Another setting for Facebook setting is translation for post, in this you can change the language of your post.
  • Font size:- After this, let's go towards your third setting, which is the font size, inside it you can change your letter.
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  • Payment:-After this is the setting payment which is of no use to you.
  • Security:- Within the security setting, you can set your login like login location, password.
  • Privacy setting:- Within the privacy setting, you can do some important setting about your post like who can see your post, who can see your story, who can send you friend request, who can read the names of your friends  Who can see your mobile number, email, birthday
  • Your Facebook informaion:- Within your Facebook information, you can control social activities such as setting your time in Facebook, activity log, off Facebook activity, account ownership and control So friends i hope the information will work for you